HotHouse Creative Music Festival

The HOTHOUSE CREATIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL brings together many of the best musicians that have been featured on the long running critically acclaimed series JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY presented by HotHouse., The acclaimed concert and performing arts series was formerly showcased in the Lakeside Inn. The death of the beloved owner last August prompted HotHouse to seek a new location for its series.

HotHouse chose the gallery and studio of artist Joe Hindley as the site for this year’s one day mini-festival. Hindley’s studio is in the converted Flynn Theater in downtown Sawyer, conveniently located in the epicenter of Harbor Country enchantments. The funky environs filled with Hindley’s murals, paintings of rural Michigan and noir street scenes will provide a great atmosphere for the music. The gallery is located adjacent to Fitzgerald’s restaurant and in front of the Sawyer Garden Center. Attendees at the Festival can sample fresh produce from the Center or patronize the many area restaurants and microbreweries.

This event is dedicated to the memory of Dev Bowly and Gynne Winsberg – two area residents that were long time supporters of HotHouse’s programming.

Over the course of the event, the artists will play in their own ensemble then mix it up in improvised combos. Audiences are invited to witness the spontaneous conversation between seasoned improvisers.  In fact, the point of the program is to provide opportunities to have access to a rather complex structure of music and an informal access to these talented musicians in a way that they might not otherwise experience.

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