New Release on Pan y Rosas – “Refutation of Time”


refutation of time by volcano radar

julia miller – sitar guitar, MIDI guitar
elbio barilari – electric guitar
harrison bankhead – double bass, 6 str. electric bass
avreeayl ra – drumset

the title given to the music improvised in this session comes from an essay by jorge luis borges: new refutation of time. just as george berkeley denies that there is an object existing independently of our perception of it, and david hume denies that there is a subject apart from a mere recollection of sensations, borges tries to demonstrate that there is no time. he proceeds on the assumption that if “man” is reduced to a collection of sensations, a single repeated perception, either in one man’s life or in the experience of two different men, suffices to prove that time is a fallacy, since this repetition will destroy its linear sequence. paradoxically, borges closes the essay by refuting his refutation: “the world, unfortunately, is real; i, unfortunately, am borges.”

refutation of time was recorded at ess, experimental sound studio (chicago), february 26th, 2013. sound engineer alex inglizian. mixed by julia miller. produced by elbio barilari & julia miller.

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