Volcano Radar record release/Sounds of the City

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Sounds of the City at Constellation Wednesday, February 17th, 9:30pm to feature Volcano Radar record release and jam session.

New recordings available for download at http://www.panyrosasdiscos.net/pyr164-volcano-radar-duo-el…/

Chicago netlabel Pan y Rosas Discos released Volcano Radar’s first studio record as a duo, titled “Electro Parables/Electro Parábolas”; Sounds of the City at Constellation, 3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, Wednesday Feb. 17, 9:30pm, will be the official record release. Volcano Radar founding members Elbio Barilari (electric guitar, electric viola, soprano sax & cornet) and Julia Miller (synthesized guitar & electric guitar) recorded “Electro Parables” at IV Lab Studios, Chicago. Rollin Weary was the sound engineer. “Electro Parables” features three extended improvisations, “Two Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Memories of a Recent Future” and “Song of the Lunar Albatross”. The SOUND OF THE CITY WORKSHOP gives the traditional jam session a modern twist. In place of the traditional house band, each week a new small ensemble will be featured performing original music. The evening focuses on creative improvisation as a way to approach and achieve original composition. Volcano Radar members Harrison Bankhead, bass, and Lou Ciccotelli, drums, will join Elbio Barilari and Julia Miller in the 2nd part.

Following the featured ensemble’s set, the workshop opens things up to a larger pool of musicians, inviting improvisational performance from creative players working within the spectrum of jazz and improvised music. Uruguayan born multi-instrumentalist and composer Elbio Barilari and American guitarist and composer Julia Miller played together for the first time in 2012. They made their first public appearance as Volcano Radar at Chicago’s Empty Bottle shortly after. Volcano Radar’s soundscapes have been described as: noise-funk, post-jazz, avant-rock, improvised experimental music, jazz-electronica and neo-psychedelia. Volcano Radar has been joined in recordings and performances by Fareed Haque, guitar, Edward Wilkerson Jr., reeds; Jim Gailloreto, reeds; Guillermo Gregorio, reeds; Alejandro Acierto, reeds; Harrison Bankhead, bass/cello; Rollo Radford, electric bass; Avreeayl Ra, drums; Tim Davis, drums; Ernie Adams, drums; Lou Ciccotelli, drums & percussion; Frank Rosaly, percussion; Gustavo Leone, synthesizer; Andy Cohn, keyboards; Axiom Brass quintet.

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