Volcano Radar: Woodland Pattern

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Volcano Radar is thrilled to kick off the Alternating Currents Live spring concert series at Woodland Pattern Book Center in Milwaukee, on Sunday March 29 at 7pm.  Julia Miller and Elbio Barilari are joined by Rollo Radford, bass, and Ernie Adams, drums.

Ernie Adams

Fareed Haque’s Mathgames! Volcano Radar: Mayne Stage

19_Fareed-Haque-Math-GamesTwo of the more advanced bands in the Chicago scene playing music that breeches all musical borders and genres, both bands led by musicians with Latino roots.

MathGames! and Volcano Radar will play their own sets and will perform an improvised third set together; Volcano is joined by Rollo Radford, Tim Davis, and Edward Wilkerson Jr.  Gustavo Leone’s Chromalea will bridge the two bands.

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Volcano Radar and Axiom Brass present “Diasporas”

axiom brass

Diasporas is a work-in-progress conceptual piece by Elbio Barilari and his music workshop, reflecting human history as a permanent trip. The first installment was presented in 2013 at the Chicago Public Library.The migrant experience throughout history was described through literary examples form different traditions, Indian, Jewish, Latin-American and Filipino put to music by Barilari.

Pianist/composer Andy Cohn, who also participated in the creative process will be again in charge of the keyboard. Guitarist Julia Miller, drummer Tim Davis, saxophonist Jim Gailloreto, bassist Rollo Radford will perform along Axiom Brass. Narrated by Yasen Peyankov.

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