electro parables/electro parábolas by volcano radar

julia miller: synthesized guitar & electric guitar
elbio barilari: muted cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, electric viola & electric guitar
recorded, mixed and mastered at iv labs, chicago
sound engineer: rollin weary
mixes: elbio barilari, julia miller, rollin weary
cover image: lali barriere
01. two hundred years of solitude/doscientos años de soledad (19:36)

02. song of the lunar albatross/canción del albatros lunar (6:47)
03.  memories of a recent future/memorias de un futuro reciente (10:20)
01. two hundred years of solitude
this work is an electronic parable about solitude. once upon a time colombian author gabriel garcía márquez described a solitude that lasted a hundred years.
ésta es una fábula electrónica acerca de la soledad. anteriormente gabriel garcía márquez había descrito una soledad que duró cien años.
02.  song of the lunar albatross
the lunar albatross is an excessive and lonely bird. its wings, adapted to glide in the almost nonexistent lunar atmosphere, reach extraordinary dimensions. some sources maintain that its wingspan is incommensurable. it may well be. native south american legends explain that on rare occasions the lunar albatross pauses its flight, slowly wrapping its wings around the moon until the darkness becomes inscrutable.
el albatros lunar es un ave desmesurada y solitaria. sus alas, adaptadas a planear en la casi inexistente atmósfera selenita, alcanzan extraordinarias dimensiones. algunas fuentes sostienen que su envergadura resulta inconmensurable. bien puede ser. leyendas indígenas sudamericanas explican que en las raras ocasiones en que el albatros pausa su vuelo, sus alas envuelven a la luna, despaciosamente, hasta que las tinieblas se tornan completamente inescrutables.
03. memories of a recent future
he recent future is the most elusive tense. it has the fragile texture of what almost happened, but not quite yet. its memories possess a diffuse and close remoteness.
el futuro reciente resulta el más elusivo de los tiempos. tiene la frágil consistencia de lo que casi ha pasado, pero todavía no. sus memorias vienen envueltas en una difusa y remota cercanía.












refutation of time by volcano radar

julia miller – sitar guitar, MIDI guitar
elbio barilari – electric guitar
harrison bankhead – double bass, 6 str. electric bass
avreeayl ra – drumset

the title given to the music improvised in this session comes from an essay by jorge luis borges: new refutation of time. just as george berkeley denies that there is an object existing independently of our perception of it, and david hume denies that there is a subject apart from a mere recollection of sensations, borges tries to demonstrate that there is no time. he proceeds on the assumption that if “man” is reduced to a collection of sensations, a single repeated perception, either in one man’s life or in the experience of two different men, suffices to prove that time is a fallacy, since this repetition will destroy its linear sequence. paradoxically, borges closes the essay by refuting his refutation: “the world, unfortunately, is real; i, unfortunately, am borges.”

refutation of time was recorded at ess, experimental sound studio (chicago), february 26th, 2013. sound engineer alex inglizian. mixed by julia miller. produced by elbio barilari & julia miller.

01. refutation of time



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