Upcoming Events:

Oct. 10  Ear Taxi Festival, Chicago  http://www.eartaxifestival.com/new-page-4 Oct. 19  Canessa Gallery, San Francisco  http://www.canessa.org/about-us.html Oct. 21/22 Constellation, Chicago as the Tatsu Aoki Electric Asia Quartet  

Volcano Radar record release/Sounds of the City

Sounds of the City at Constellation Wednesday, February 17th, 9:30pm to feature Volcano Radar record release and jam session. New recordings available for download at http://www.panyrosasdiscos.net/pyr164-volcano-radar-duo-el…/ Chicago netlabel Pan y Rosas Discos released Volcano Radar’s first studio record as a duo, titled “Electro Parables/Electro Parábolas”; Sounds of the City at…